Submissions of creative writing and mediums of art are welcomed. Submissions will be reviewed and selected by our editorial staff, who will decide which pieces best fit the most current version of our digital magazine. Please send us only unpublished work. Pieces that have previously appeared online or in print are considered published. 

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Creative Non-Fiction

We aim for a response time of 3-8 months. Please submit only once per reading period. At this time, we do not offer monetary payment for published work.  

With the events that occurred earlier this year regarding the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe vs Wade, we’ve had to participate in some difficult conversations regarding human rights, bodily autonomy, and protecting historically marginalized communities from being violated. We at Woodcrest invite you to participate in the conversation as we continue to navigate these issues moving forward. 

Please send us your poetry, prose, art, and photos so we can elevate the voices who have been affected but not heard.

We want to see our world in your work. We want to see your world in your work. We value creativity, risk, and craft in the art we publish. 

If you belong to our Cabrini University community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.), we would like to hear from you. Note that Woodcrest Monthly is a separate publication from our flagship literary journal, Woodcrest. 

Please let us know your connection to Cabrini in the cover letter. If you are affiliated with Woodcrest, please also note that. 

Send the following for consideration:

-Up to 3 poems

-One story, up to 20 pages

-One nonfiction piece, up to 20 pages

-Visual art