Submissions of creative writing and mediums of art are welcomed. Submissions will be reviewed and selected by our editorial staff, who will decide which pieces best fit the most current version of our digital magazine. The editorial process is rigorous but committed to showcasing your writing and creativity.

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Creative Non-Fiction

We aim for a response time of 3-8 months. Please submit only once per reading period. At this time, we do not offer monetary payment for published work.  

This section aims to publish work that revolves around the social and political climate we live in. This year's theme is emotional transitioning

We are looking to hear your story! Either through short stories, poems, letters, or non-fiction pieces, we want to read about the good, bad and the indifferent when what is inside you meets the outside world. Or when what is outside meets what is inside. Or some other way of emotional transitioning in our complex world. 

Some things to consider: mental health, body Image, isolation, life in the age of internet, jobs, and relationships. 

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We like to read poems. We want to read your poems. We like lyric poems, as well as more narrative poems. We like language, images, and voice. 

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Send us stories that go somewhere. We want to see characters develop. We want to be transported into those worlds. 

Woodcrest is a selective literary and arts publication project dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary talents of the Cabrini University community through poetry, screenplay, fiction and non-fiction writing, art, and photography.

We like to read lyric essays, hybrid memoirs, essays on topics we don't even know we need, and other literary nonfiction sub-genres. 

We want to see our world in your work. We want to see your world in your work. We value creativity, risk, and craft in the art we publish. 

If you're not sure which genre tab your work belongs to, please use this submission page. If you have something you want us to consider publishing, but you're not sure what it is, send it to us.